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Book ID Book Name Book Category Book Quantity
B00020000/8085 Introduction to MicroprocessorMBA1
B0003151 EssaysMBA1
B00042 StatesMBA1
B000527 Brand PracticesMBA1
B0006A Better India Better WorldMBA1
B0007A Communicative Grammer of EnglishMBA30
B0008A Comprehensive Manual of Human Resource ManagemenMBA1
B0009A Course in Listening and Speaking Vol-IIMBA2
B0010A First Course in ComputersMBA18
B0011A First Course in StatisticsMBA1
B0012A Foundation Course in Huamn Values and ProfessionMBA1
B0013A Framework for Marketing ManagementMBA2
B0014A Friendly Introduction to Numerical AnalysisMBA1
B0015A Logistic Approach to Supply Chain ManagementMBA1
B0016A Manual of Business LawMBA1
B0017A Millennium Guide to Writing & Speaking EnglishMBA20
B0018A New Approach to AccountingMBA4
B0019A Text Book of Business and Corporate LawMBA1
B0020A Text Book of Company LawMBA2
B0021A Text Book of Cost Accountancy with Inbuild CompiMBA1
B0022A Text Book of Cost and Mangement AccountingMBA61
B0023A Text Book of Entreprise Resource PlanningMBA1
B0024A Text Book of Financial, Cost and Management AccoMBA1
B0025A Text Book of Human Resource ManagementMBA1
B0026A Text Book of Mercantile LawMBA1
B0027A Text Book of Project ManagementMBA1
B0028A Text Book of Research MethodologyMBA4
B0029A Text Book of Statistic for ManagementMBA1
B0030A Text Book on Accountancy with inbuilt CompilerMBA1
B0031A Text Book on Advance Auditing and Professional EMBA1
B0032A Text Book on Advanced Mangement Accountancy withMBA1
B0033A Text Book on Financial Management with in build MBA1
B0034A Text Book on Financial Reporting, with inbuilt CMBA1
B0035A Text Book on Strategic Financial Management withMBA1
B0036Accounting and AnalysisMBA1
B0037Accounting and Costng ManagementMBA1
B0038Accounting and Finance for ManagerMBA1
B0039Accounting for Business ManagerMBA1
B0040Accounting for Decision MakingMBA3
B0041Accounting for ManagementMBA5
B0042Accounting For Management. Text & CasesMBA1
B0043Accounting for Managerial DecisionMBA1
B0044Accounting for MangementMBA1
B0045Accounting Information SystemMBA1
B0046Accounting PrinciplesMBA1
B0047Advance Approach to Marketing ManagementMBA2
B0048Advance Economics TheoryMBA1
B0049Advanced Account Vol-IIMBA1
B0050Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics; CompileMBA1
B0051Advanced Management AccountingMBA2
B0052Advanced Management Accounting ; Text and CasesMBA1
B0054Advertisement and Integrated Brand PromotionMBA1
B0055Advertisement and Marketing in Rural IndiaMBA1
B0056Advertisement and PromotionMBA1
B0057Advertisement and Sales PromotionMBA1
B0058Advertisement ManagementMBA1
B0059Advertisement Planning and ImplementationMBA1
B0060Advertisement Sales and Promotion MangementMBA1
B0062Advertising & Sales PromotionMBA2
B0063Advertising : Principles & PracticeMBA1
B0064Advertising and PromotionMBA2
B0065Advertising and Promotion an IMC PerspectivesMBA21
B0066Advertising ManagementMBA15
B0067Advertising Management : Concepts & CasesMBA3
B0068Advertising Principles & PracticesMBA1
B0069An Integrated Advertising Promotion and Marketing MBA1
B0070An Introduction to AccountingMBA2
B0071An Introduction to Data StructureMBA1
B0072An Introduction to Environmental ManagementMBA1
B0073An Introduction to InvestmentsMBA1
B0074An Introduction to Management Science: QuantitavieMBA1
B0075An Introduction to Operational ResearchMBA1
B0076An Introduction to Professional English and Soft SMBA121
B0077An Introduction to Statistical MethodsMBA1
B0078Analysis on Financial StatementMBA1
B0079Applied Mangement ScienceMBA1
B0080Appraising & Developing Managerial PerformanceMBA1
B0081Autobiography of an Unknow IndianMBA1
B0082Bank and Institutional ManagementMBA1
B0083Bank ManagementMBA3
B0084Bank Management and Financial SerevicesMBA2
B0085Banking : Theory, Law & PracticeMBA1
B0086Banking and InsuranceMBA1
B0087Banking and Insurance ManagementMBA120
B0088Banking Law & PracticeMBA2
B0089Banking Product and ServicesMBA2
B0090Banking Theory & PracticeMBA12
B0091Banking Theory : Law and PracticesMBA1
B0092Banking Theory and PracicesMBA4
B0093Banking Theory: Law & PracticesMBA76
B0094Basic Communication SkillsMBA2
B0095Basic Financial AccountingMBA3
B0096Basic Financial Accounting for ManagementMBA52
B0097Basic of Distribution ManagementMBA3
B0098Basics of BankingMBA1
B0099Behaviour in OrganisationMBA1
B0100Best Practices Cases in BrandingMBA2
B0101Better English PronounciationsMBA51
B0102Body Language at WorkMBA1
B0103Brand ManagementMBA5
B0104Brand Management : Text & CasesMBA37
B0105Brand Managemetn: The Indian ContextMBA1
B0106Brand Mangement Text & CasesMBA2
B0107Britanica Ready Reference Encyclopaedia Vol-IMBA1
B0108Britanica Ready Reference Vol -VIIMBA9
B0109Building Brands in the Indiana MarketMBA1
B0110Busienss CommunicationMBA56
B0111Busienss Ethics & Corporate Governance (PrinciplesMBA1
B0112Busienss Ethics : A Case PerspectiveMBA1
B0113Business Analysis & Valuation using Financial StatMBA1
B0114Business Analysis and ValuationMBA1
B0115Business Analysis and Valuation, using Financial SMBA1
B0116Business and Company LawMBA123
B0117Business and E-commerce ManagementMBA2
B0118Business CommunicationMBA121
B0119Business Communication & Communicative EnglishMBA2
B0120Business Communication : Skills, Concepts and ApplMBA80
B0121Business Communication Making Connection in a DigiMBA2
B0122Business Communication TodayMBA25
B0123Business Communications for ManagerMBA2
B0124Business Data Anlysis using ExcelMBA1
B0125Business EconomicsMBA1
B0126Business EconomyMBA1
B0127Business EnvironmentMBA9
B0128Business Environment : Text & CasesMBA1
B0129Business Environment for Strategic ManagementMBA4
B0130Business Environment Text & CasesMBA5
B0131Business EthicsMBA9
B0132Business Ethics - Perspective inMBA9
B0133Business Ethics : A case perspectivesMBA2
B0134Business Ethics : An Indian PerspectivesMBA1
B0135Business Ethics : Principles and PracticesMBA1
B0136Business Ethics and Corporate GovernanceMBA48
B0137Business Ethics and Professional ValuesMBA1
B0138Business Ethics on Indian PerspectivesMBA2
B0139Business Ethics Text and CasesMBA54
B0140Business Ethics, Concepts & CasesMBA1
B0141Business Ethics, Ethical Decision Making and CasesMBA1
B0142Business Ethics: New Challenge for Business SchoolMBA1
B0143Business Information SystemMBA1
B0144Business LawMBA13
B0145Business Law and RegulationMBA1
B0146Business Law for ManagementMBA5
B0147Business Law for Managers, Indian Text EditionMBA61
B0148Business Law Including Company LawMBA7
B0149Business Laws & Economics LegislationMBA1
B0150Business LegendsMBA2
B0151Business LegislationMBA2
B0152Business Legislation for maangementMBA1
B0153Business Logistics/Supply Chain ManagementMBA1
B0154Business Marketing Connecting Strategy RelationshiMBA1
B0155Business MathematicsMBA1
B0156Business Organisation and ManagementMBA64
B0157Business Policy & Strategic ManagementMBA3
B0158Business Policy & Strategic Management, Concepts AMBA2
B0159Business Policy and Strategic ManagementMBA5
B0160Business Process Reengineering and Change ManagemeMBA1
B0161Business Regulatory FrameworkMBA1
B0162Business Research MethodMBA2
B0163Business Research MethodlogyMBA1
B0164Business Research MethodsMBA14
B0165Business StatisticsMBA77
B0166Business Statistics : A first courseMBA1
B0167Business Structure and ProcessMBA1
B0168Business Studies and ManagementMBA2
B0169Business The Speed of ThoughtMBA1
B0170Busiuness EnviornmentMBA2
B0172Capital MarketsMBA1
B0173Case Studies in MarketingMBA7
B0174Case Study Solution Human Resource DevelopmentMBA1
B0175Case Study Solution Human Resources MangementMBA1
B0176Case Study Solution MarketingMBA2
B0177Case Study Solution Marketing MangeemntMBA1
B0178Cases in Business EthicsMBA1
B0179Cases in Corporate FinanceMBA1
B0180Cases in Hospitality and Tourism MangmentMBA1
B0181Cases in Management Information SystemMBA1
B0182Cases in Rural Marketing : An Integrated ApproachMBA2
B0183Cases in Total Quality Management: Manufacturing aMBA1
B0184Chanakya's ChantMBA1
B0185Change and Knowledge ManagementMBA1
B0186Change Management Concepts and ApplicationMBA1
B0187Change Management in OrganisationMBA1
B0188Class A ERP : ImplementationIntegrating Lean and SMBA1
B0189Collective Barganing : perspective & practicesMBA4
B0190Comdex Tally 9 Course KitMBA1
B0191Commercial BankingMBA1
B0192Commercial Law including Business LawMBA7
B0193Commodity MarketMBA2
B0194Communicative English & Business CommunicationMBA56
B0195Communicative English & Business Communication witMBA10
B0196Comodity DerivativesMBA1
B0197Company LawMBA1
B0198Compedium of Brand MaangementMBA3
B0200Compensation and Reward ManagementMBA52
B0201Compensation ManagementMBA2
B0202Compensation Management in a Knowledge bases WorldMBA6
B0203Competency Based HRM A Strategic Resource for CompMBA1
B0204Competing for the futureMBA2
B0205Competition LawMBA1
B0206Compilation of The Odisha Service Code with latestMBA1
B0207Compilation of the Orissa General Finance Rules VoMBA1
B0208Compiler of Direct Tax and LawsMBA1
B0209Compiler on AccountancyMBA1
B0210Compiler on Aduting and AssuranceMBA1
B0211Compiler on Advance AccountingMBA1
B0212Compiler on Corporate and Allied LawsMBA1
B0213Compiler on Tax MangementMBA1
B0214compilers on Financial ReportingMBA1
B0215Compilers on Information Technology and Strategic MBA1
B0216Comprehensive Human Resource ManagementMBA1
B0217Comprehensive Statistical MethodMBA3
B0218Computer Aided Production ManagementMBA1
B0219Computer and Financial Accounting with Tally 9.0 CMBA1
B0220Computer Application in BusinessMBA2
B0221Computer Application in ManagementMBA3
B0222Computer Fundamental s Concepts System ApplicationMBA10
B0223Computer FundamentalsMBA6
B0224Computers Today (2009)MBA1
B0225Computing for the FutureMBA2
B0226Concept of Data Base Management SystemMBA3
B0227Concepts and Cases , Business ethicsMBA1
B0228Concise Concepts on Company LawMBA1
B0229Concise Concepts on Company Secretarial PracticeMBA1
B0230Concise Concepts on Economics and Labour LawMBA1
B0231Concise Concepts on Financial Treasury and Forex MMBA1
B0232Concise Concepts on Strategic Mangement : AllianceMBA1
B0233Connect The DotsMBA1
B0234Consumer BehaviourMBA48
B0235Consumer Behaviour : Marketing ActionMBA2
B0236Consumer Behaviour Advertisement ManagementMBA1
B0237Consumer Behaviour and Managerial Decision MakingMBA1
B0238Consumer Behaviour Building Marketing StrategyMBA3
B0239Consumer Behaviour Concepts Application and CasesMBA2
B0240Consumer Behaviour in Indian ContextMBA2
B0241Consumer Behaviour: Insights from Indian MarketMBA1
B0242Contemparary Financial ManagementMBA5
B0243Contemporary Business CommunicationMBA1
B0244Contemporary Communicative EnglishMBA2
B0245Contemporary Economics : Principles and PolicyMBA1
B0246Contemporary Project ManagementMBA2
B0247Communicative EnglishMBA1
B0248Cornerstone Developing Soft SkillsMBA1
B0249Corporate AccountingMBA1
B0250Corporate FinanceMBA3
B0251Corporate Finance : Principles, Policies and PractMBA2
B0252Corporate Finance Theory and PracticeMBA2
B0253Corporate Finance, Principles ofMBA3
B0254Corporate Financial ReportingMBA1
B0255Corporate GovernanceMBA5
B0256Corporate Governance & Business Ethics Text and CaMBA3
B0257Corporate Governance : Critical IssuesMBA1
B0258Corporate Governance : Principles Mechancism & PraMBA1
B0259Corporate Governance : Principles, Policies and PrMBA2
B0260Corporate Governance : Theory and PracticeMBA1
B0261Corporate Governance and AccountabilityMBA1
B0262Corporate Governance in India : An EvaluationMBA1
B0263Corporate Governance Principles Policies & PracticMBA87
B0264Corporate Governance, Codes, Systems, Standards anMBA1
B0265Corporate Governance, Global Concepts and PracticeMBA2
B0266Corporate Governance, Principles, Mechanism and PrMBA1
B0267Corporate Governance, Values and Ethics with Case MBA1
B0268Corporate LawMBA1
B0269Corporate Legal Frame WorkMBA1
B0270Corporate Restructuring , Merger Acquisition and oMBA2
B0271Corporate StrategyMBA1
B0272Cost AccountingMBA38
B0273Cost Accounting . Theory and PracticesMBA14
B0274Cost Accounting : A Managerial EmphasisMBA4
B0275Cost Accounting : Principles and PracticesMBA1
B0276Cost Accounting : Text and ProblemsMBA1
B0277Cost Accounting, Principles and PracticeMBA1
B0278Cost Accounting: Theory and PracticeMBA1
B0279Cost and Management AccountingMBA25
B0280Cost and Management Accounting for ManagerMBA1
B0281Cost and Mangement Accounting : Theory and ProblemMBA2
B0282Cost Benefit Analysis , Concept and PracticeMBA1
B0283Cost ManagementMBA2
B0284Cost Mangement , Measuring, Monitoring and MotivatMBA1
B0285Cosumer BehaviourMBA1
B0286Crafting and Executing StrategyMBA7
B0287Creating Value from Merger and Acquisitions : The MBA1
B0288Credit Risk ManagementMBA3
B0289Criminal Manual (Criminal Major Act)MBA1
B0290Cross Cultural Management in OrganisationMBA1
B0291Cross Cultural MarketingMBA1
B0292Customer CareMBA1
B0293Customer Relationship Maangement - Concept and AppMBA1
B0294Customer Relationship ManagementMBA4
B0295Customer Service Carrier Success Through Customer MBA1
B0296Customer ServicesMBA1
B0297Dare to DreamMBA1
B0298Data Analysis using ExcelMBA1
B0299Data Base Management SystemMBA3
B0300Data Management : Data Base and OrganisationMBA1
B0301Data structure using CMBA7
B0302Data structure, Schaum,s outlineMBA3
B0303Decision Support and Business Inteligence SystemMBA1
B0304Decision Supprot SystemMBA1
B0305Derivatives and Financial InnovationMBA3
B0306Derivatives and Risk ManagementMBA2
B0307Derivatives and Risk Mangement BasicsMBA2
B0308Derivatives Valuation and Risk ManagementMBA2
B0309Designing and Managing Human Resource SystemMBA13
B0310Designing and Manging the Supply Chain, Concepts, MBA1
B0311Designing Delivering TrainingMBA1
B0312Developing Communication SkillsMBA3
B0313Dictionary of MarketingMBA1
B0314Direct Tax Ready RecoknerMBA1
B0315Direct Tax Ready Recokner 2010-11, 2011-12MBA5
B0316Direct Tax Ready Recokner with TDS & Tax ComputatiMBA1
B0317Discover your DestinyMBA1
B0318Discrete Mathematical StructuresMBA1
B0319Distribution & Logistic MangementMBA1
B0320Dynamic Industrial RelationsMBA31
B0321Easy Guide to Income Tax : assessment Year 2014-15MBA1
B0322e-Business 2.0 : Road map for SuccessMBA1
B0323E-Business and Commerce: Strategic Thinking and PrMBA1
B0324E-Commerce :MBA1
B0325E-Commerce : An Indian PerspectivesMBA1
B0326E-Commerce Fundamentals and AplicationsMBA1
B0327e-Commerce, Concepts, Models ,StrategiesMBA1
B0328E-Commerce, E-BusinessMBA1
B0329Economic Environment of BusinessMBA9
B0330Economic Environment of Business Macroeconomics AnMBA2
B0331Economic Environment of Business: Theory and the IMBA1
B0332Economic Environment of IndiaMBA1
B0334Economics : Principles and ApplicationsMBA1
B0335Economics : Theory and PracticeMBA1
B0336Economics Agenda for the New MillenniumMBA1
B0337Economics for MangementMBA1
B0338Economics of Development and PlanningMBA1
B0339Economics of StrategyMBA1
B0340Effective Business CommunicationMBA3
B0341Effective Human Resources Training and DevelopmentMBA1
B0342Effective Project ManagementMBA1
B0343Effective Technical CommunicationMBA1
B0344Effective TrainingMBA1
B0345Effective Training Systems, Strategic and PracticeMBA1
B0346Electronic CommerceMBA3
B0347Electronic Commerce from Vision to FufillmentMBA1
B0348Electronics CommerceMBA17
B0349Elements of Financial ManagementMBA1
B0350Elements of Mercantile LawMBA2
B0352Employees BenifitsMBA1
B0353Engineering EconomicsMBA137
B0354Engineering PhysicsMBA1
B0355English for Technical Communication Vol; I & IIMBA1
B0356English GrammerMBA1
B0357English is easy if you follow this bookMBA1
B0358English Language Communication SkillsMBA1
B0359Enriching Human Capital Through Training and DevelMBA1
B0360Enterprise Resource PlanningMBA4
B0362Entrepreneurship , Creating and Leading an EntreprMBA25
B0363Entreprenural DevelopmentMBA3
B0365Entreprenureship : In the New MillenniumMBA1
B0366Entreprenureship : Text and CasesMBA1
B0367Entreprenureship and Innovation in CorporationMBA1
B0368Entreprenureship and Management of SMEMBA1
B0369Entreprenureship and New Venture CreationMBA2
B0370Entreprenureship DevelopmentMBA1
B0371Entreprenureship Development Small Business EnterpMBA1
B0372Entreprenureship in the new MilleniumMBA1
B0373Entreprenureship ManagementMBA1
B0374Entreprenureship Resource PlanningMBA1
B0375Entreprenureship Sucessfully Launching New VentureMBA1
B0376Entreprenureship: Text and CasesMBA1
B0377Entreprenureship: Theory at tha Cross Roads: PardiMBA1
B0378Entreprise Project Management: Using Microsoft OffMBA1
B0379Entreprise Resource Planning and Management InformMBA1
B0380Entreprise Resource Planning(ERP) Text and Cases SMBA1
B0381Entreprise Resources Planning Concepts and PracticMBA1
B0382Entreprise Wide Resources Planning: Theory and PraMBA1
B0383Environmental AccountingMBA3
B0384e-Retailing Principles and PracticesMBA1
B0385ERP Entreprise Resource PlanningMBA1
B0386Essentials Mathematics for Economics and BusinessMBA1
B0387Essentials of Business EnvironmentMBA14
B0388Essentials of Cost AccountingMBA1
B0389Essentials of Entreprenureship and Small Business MBA1
B0390Essentials of Human Resource Management & IndustiaMBA12
B0391Essentials of Human Resources Management & IndustrMBA7
B0392Essentials of ManagementMBA20
B0393Essentials of Management AccountingMBA2
B0394Essentials of Organisational BehaviourMBA1
B0395Essentials of Supply Chain ManagementMBA1
B0396Ethical ManagementMBA1
B0397Ethical Management Text & Cases in Business EthicsMBA1
B0398Ethics , Indian Ethos and ManagementMBA1
B0399Ethics and Conduct of BusinessMBA1
B0400E-World Emerging Trends on Information TechnologyMBA1
B0401Excel Models for Business and Operations ManagemenMBA1
B0402Exploring Corporate Strategy: Text and CasesMBA1
B0403Exploring Marketing ResearchMBA1
B0404Exploring the Supply Chain : Theory and PracticeMBA1
B0405Finacial Markets and InstitutionsMBA1
B0406Finance for EntreprenuresMBA1
B0407Financial AccountingMBA33
B0408Financial Accounting , Essential ofMBA1
B0409Financial Accounting : Case Base ApproachMBA1
B0410Financial Accounting for BBAMBA2
B0411Financial Accounting for Management for ManagerMBA4
B0412Financial Accounting for Management: Txt and CasesMBA1
B0413Financial Accounting for ManagerMBA53
B0414Financial Accounting Principles & PracticeMBA3
B0415Financial Analysis for ManagementMBA1
B0416Financial DerivativesMBA33
B0417Financial Derivatives : Theory Concepts & ProblemsMBA36
B0418Financial EconomyMBA1
B0419Financial EngineeringMBA2
B0420Financial Institutions and MarketsMBA4
B0421Financial Managemebt Principles & PracticesMBA1
B0422Financial ManagementMBA109
B0423Financial Management & AccountingMBA1
B0424Financial Management (Management Policy)MBA1
B0425Financial Management : Text and CasesMBA2
B0426Financial Management : Theory and PracticeMBA51
B0427Financial Management : Tools and TechniquesMBA1
B0428Financial Management ; Indian Text EditionMBA1
B0429Financial Management Accounting : Theory and PractMBA105
B0430Financial Management Comprehensive Text Book for MMBA2
B0431Financial Management PolicyMBA4
B0432Financial Management Problem and SolutionMBA2
B0433Financial Management SimplifiedMBA1
B0434Financial Management Theory & PracticeMBA22
B0435Financial Management, Theory Concedpt and PracticeMBA1
B0436Financial Mangement , Theory Concept & ProblemsMBA1
B0437Financial Mangement : Principles and PracticeMBA2
B0438Financial MarketA OperationsMBA1
B0439Financial Markets & InstitutionsMBA1
B0440Financial Markets & ServicesMBA58
B0441Financial Markets + InstitutionsMBA7
B0442Financial Markets and Financial SErvicesMBA1
B0443Financial Markets and InstitutionsMBA2
B0444Financial Markets and ServicesMBA1
B0445Financial Markets, Institutions and Financial ServMBA2
B0446Financial Policy and Management AccountingMBA1
B0447Financial Ratio as Predicators of Coprorate healthMBA1
B0448Financial Risk ManagementMBA1
B0449Financial ServicesMBA13
B0450Financial Services , Banking and InsuranceMBA1
B0451Financial Services and MarketsMBA1
B0452Financial Statement AnalysisMBA2
B0453Financial Statement Analyzed and Security ValuatioMBA1
B0454Financial Theory and Corporate PolicyMBA1
B0455Financial Treasury & Forex ManagementMBA1
B0456Fincial Mgmt; Principles & PracticeMBA1
B0457First Lesson in Management Accounting & Financial MBA1
B0458Fixed Income MarketsMBA1
B0459Foreing Trade and Foreing ExchangeMBA1
B0460Foundation of Advertisement ; Theory and PracticeMBA1
B0461Foundation of Advertising : Theory & PracticeMBA51
B0462Foundation of Business CommunicationMBA1
B0463Foundation of Financial Markets and InstitutionsMBA7
B0464Foundation of Managerial WorkMBA7
B0465Foundation of Marketing TheoryMBA2
B0467Freedom at MidnightMBA1
B0468Freedom is not Free :MBA1
B0469Fundamentals of A dvertising Theory & PracticeMBA1
B0470Fundamentals of BusinessMBA1
B0471Fundamentals of Business Data CommunicationMBA1
B0472Fundamentals of ComputerMBA9
B0473Fundamentals of Corporate FinanceMBA1
B0474Fundamentals of EntreprenureshipMBA2
B0475Fundamentals of Financaial ManagementMBA2
B0476Fundamentals of Financial AccountingMBA3
B0477Fundamentals of Financial DerivativesMBA1
B0478Fundamentals of Financial ManagementMBA4
B0479Fundamentals of Human Resource ManagementMBA1
B0480Fundamentals of Indian Financial System ; New ChalMBA1
B0481Fundamentals of Information TechnologyMBA3
B0482Fundamentals of Insurance & Risk ManagementMBA5
B0483Fundamentals of Insurance Theories and ApplicationMBA1
B0484Fundamentals of Investment MangementMBA3
B0485Fundamentals of Manageement Concept, Applications MBA1
B0486Fundamentals of ManagementMBA6
B0487Fundamentals of Organisational BehaviourMBA1
B0488Fundamentals of Organisational BehaviourMBA2
B0489Fundamentals of RetailingMBA2
B0490Fundamentals of Sales ManagementMBA1
B0491Fundamentals of StaticsMBA6
B0492Future and OptionsMBA2
B0493Future Markets made easy with 250 questions and AnMBA2
B0494Future OptionsMBA1
B0495Gaining & Sustaining Comptitive AdvantagesMBA1
B0496General Bank ManagementMBA2
B0497General Insurance Business Operation and Decision MBA1
B0498Getting a Better JobMBA1
B0499GLOBAL and Transnational Business, Strategy and MaMBA1
B0500Global Business MaangementMBA1
B0501Global Electronic CommerceMBA1
B0502Global Electronic Commerce, Theory and Case StudieMBA1
B0503Global Financial Reporting and AnalysisMBA1
B0504Global Marketing : With a Special Indian FocusMBA2
B0505Global Marketing ManagementMBA1
B0506Global Operations and Logistics : Text and CasesMBA1
B0507Globalization and Labour Management Relations DynaMBA4
B0508Googled :MBA1
B0509Governing as GovernanceMBA1
B0510Government and BusinessMBA1
B0511Group Discussion for Admision and JobsMBA2
B0512Group Discussion in Speech TestMBA1
B0513Group Discussion: for Admission and JobsMBA1
B0514Group Discussion: Tricks and Techniques with 69 PrMBA1
B0515Group Dynamies and Team BuildingMBA1
B0516Guidance & CounsellingMBA1
B0517Guide to Employees Provident FundMBA1
B0518Guide to Managerial Communication : Effective BusiMBA1
B0519Hand Book of Labour Law and Industrial LawMBA1
B0520Handbook of Governement of Orissa Accounts & AuditMBA1
B0521Handbook of Government of Orissa Service RulesMBA1
B0522Handbook of Materials ManagementMBA1
B0523Handbook of Training Evaluation & Measurement MethMBA3
B0524Hospitality Operation & ManagementMBA1
B0525How to do everything with Microsoft Office ProjectMBA1
B0526How to have a Beautiful MindMBA1
B0527How to prepare Bank P O Examination, The Complete MBA1
B0528How to study an OrganisationMBA2
B0530Human Relations and Organisational BehaviourMBA1
B0531Human Resaource DevelopmentMBA91
B0532Human Resource Development & ManagementMBA3
B0533Human Resource Development and Organisations EffecMBA1
B0534Human Resource MaangementMBA39
B0535Human Resource Management . Text & CasesMBA95
B0536Human Resource Management Principles & PracticeMBA8
B0537Human Resource Management, Text & CasesMBA2
B0538Human Resource MangementMBA1
B0539Human Resource PlanningMBA29
B0540Human Resource StrategyMBA1
B0541Human Resources Development: A researcher PerspectMBA1
B0542Human Resources ManagementMBA25
B0543Human Resources Management : Text & CasesMBA13
B0544Human Resources PlanningMBA22
B0545Human Resourece DevelopmentMBA1
B0546Human Values and Professional Ethics, Values of EtMBA1
B0547I Have a DreamMBA1
B0548IBPS Recruitment Specialist OfficerMBA1
B0549Illustrated Oxford DictionaryMBA3
B0550Imaging IndiaMBA2
B0551Implementing QualtiyMBA1
B0552Implementing Tally 9 ,MBA1
B0553In Search of ExcellenceMBA1
B0554Income Tax Act 2005MBA1
B0555Income Tax Law and Practice Assesment Year 2010-11MBA2
B0556Income Tax Rules (Uptodated - 31/12/2007)MBA2
B0557Income Tax, Law and Practice Assesment Year 2012-2MBA1
B0558India 2020MBA1
B0559Indian BankingMBA1
B0560Indian EconomyMBA1
B0561Indian Financial SystemMBA15
B0562Indirect Tax : Law and PracticeMBA1
B0563Industral Relation, Trade Union and Labour LegislaMBA1
B0564Industrial and Labour LegislationMBA3
B0565Industrial Engineering and Production ManagementMBA4
B0566Industrial FinanceMBA1
B0567Industrial ManagementMBA2
B0568Industrial MarketingMBA2
B0569Industrial RelationMBA72
B0570Industrial Relation : Text and CasesMBA1
B0571Industrial Relation : Trade Unin & Labour LegislatMBA6
B0572Industrial Relation and Labour LawsMBA1
B0573Industrial Relation Concepts IssuesMBA3
B0574Industrial Relation: Concepta and Legal FrameworkMBA1
B0575Industrial RelationsMBA1
B0576Industrial Relations, Trade Unions and Labour LegiMBA1
B0577Information and Knowledge ManagementMBA1
B0578Information TechnologyMBA1
B0579Information Technology for Management., TransformiMBA1
B0580Information Technology: Strategic Decision Making MBA1
B0581Infrastructure in IndiaMBA1
B0582Innovation Management and New Product DevelopmentMBA1
B0583Insurance and Risk MangementMBA66
B0584Insurance ManagementMBA8
B0585Insurance Management Text & CasesMBA2
B0586Insurance Principles & PracticeMBA64
B0587Insurance Product (Including Pension Product)MBA2
B0588Integrated Advertising Promotion & Marketing CommuMBA1
B0589Integrated Business Communication in a Global MarkMBA1
B0590Integrated Retail ManagementMBA2
B0591Internation BusinessMBA1
B0592Internationaal Business ; Environment and OperatioMBA1
B0593International BusinessMBA12
B0594International Business : Country Culture and CorpoMBA1
B0595International Business : Text and CasesMBA1
B0596International Business Cometing the Global Market MBA2
B0597International Business EnvironmentMBA1
B0598International Business Management , A Global PerspMBA1
B0599International Corporate FinanceMBA1
B0600International EconomicsMBA2
B0601International FinanceMBA3
B0602International Finance . A Case BookMBA2
B0603International Finance Corporate Decxision in GlobaMBA1
B0604International Financial EconomyMBA1
B0605International Financial ManagementMBA19
B0606International Human Resource ManagementMBA52
B0607International MarketingMBA10
B0608International Marketing Analysis and StrategyMBA1
B0609International Marketing StrategyMBA1
B0610International Marketing, Global Environment, CorpoMBA1
B0611International Retail Marketing Strategies: TheorieMBA1
B0612Introduction to AccountancyMBA7
B0613Introduction to BankingMBA2
B0614Introduction to ComputerMBA10
B0615Introduction to Computer and Information SystemMBA2
B0616Introduction to Computer ScienceMBA75
B0617Introduction to Database Mangement SystemMBA1
B0618Introduction to Derivatives, Options, Futures & SwMBA1
B0619Introduction to EconometricsMBA2
B0620Introduction to Financial PlanningMBA1
B0621Introduction to Information TechnologyMBA83
B0622Introduction to Management AccountingMBA1
B0623Introduction to Management ScienceMBA1
B0624Introduction to Markekting Theory & PracticeMBA6
B0625Introduction to Operation and Supply Chain ManagemMBA1
B0626Introduction to Operation ResearchMBA1
B0627Introduction to Organizational BehaviourMBA1
B0628Introduction to Project FinanceMBA1
B0629Introduction to Risk Management & InsuranceMBA1
B0630Introduction to Statistical Quality ControlMBA1
B0631Inventory ManagementMBA1
B0632Inventroy Controlled and ManagementMBA1
B0634Investment Analysis & ManagementMBA2
B0635Investment Analysis & Portfolio ManagementMBA21
B0636Investment Analysis and BehaviourMBA1
B0637Investment Analysis and Portfolio ManagementMBA4
B0638Investment MaangementMBA5
B0639Investment Management and Security Analyisi Text &MBA7
B0640Investment Management: Security Analysis & PortfolMBA4
B0641Investment MangementMBA1
B0642IT for MangersMBA1
B0643IT Strategy and ManagementMBA1
B0644Karma YogaMBA1
B0645King,s Financial ManagementMBA1
B0646Knowledge EncyclopaediaMBA1
B0647Knowledge ManagementMBA1
B0648Knowledge Management in OrganizationMBA1
B0649Knowledge MangementMBA1
B0650Labour and Industrial LawMBA1
B0651Labour Law for ManagerMBA1
B0652Lateral ThinkingMBA2
B0653Leadership SkillsMBA1
B0654Legal and Regulatory Aspects of InsuranceMBA1
B0655Legal Aspect of BusinessMBA10
B0656Let Us CMBA62
B0657Living with the Himalayan MasterMBA1
B0658Logistic and Supply Chain ManagementMBA1
B0659Logistic ManagementMBA2
B0660Logistic Management, Definition , DimensionMBA1
B0661Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementMBA1
B0662Logistics and supply Chain Management : Text and CMBA1
B0663Longman's DictioanryMBA1
B0664Maangement Concept , Practice and CasesMBA1
B0665Macro EconomicsMBA1
B0666Macro Economics (photocopy)MBA3
B0667Macro economics : Theory and ApplicationMBA1
B0668Macro Economics, Principles ofMBA2
B0669Macroeconomics: Understanding the Wealth of NationMBA1
B0670Mall Management with Case StudiesMBA1
B0672Management & Behaviour ProcessMBA3
B0673Management : Principles Process and PracticeMBA1
B0674Management : Text and CasesMBA112
B0675Management A Competency based ApproachMBA1
B0676Management AccountingMBA11
B0677Management Accounting and Financial ControlMBA35
B0678Management and Cost AccountingMBA2
B0679Management and Organisational BehaviourMBA2
B0680Management and Organisations Behaviour: An IntegraMBA2
B0681Management Communication, A Case study approachMBA1
B0682Management Concepts and PracicesMBA1
B0683Management Control SystemMBA2
B0684Management Decision Modeling with SpreadsheetMBA1
B0685Management Development Strategies for ActionMBA4
B0686Management EthicsMBA6
B0687Management Information SysatemMBA223
B0688Management Information System : A Concise StudyMBA1
B0689Management Information System:MBA7
B0690Management of Financial Institutions and ServicesMBA1
B0691Management of Financial Institutions with EmphasisMBA1
B0692Management of Indian Financial InstituteMBA2
B0693Management of Organisation ChangeMBA14
B0694Management of StrategyMBA1
B0695Management of SystemMBA3
B0696Management Research MethodologyMBA6
B0697Management ScienceMBA3
B0698Management Science Modelling with SpreadsheetMBA1
B0699Management StrategyMBA1
B0700Management Structure and ProcessMBA1
B0701Management Theory and ApplicationMBA1
B0702Managements Principles and ApplicationMBA2
B0703Managemetn Information SystemMBA2
B0704Managerial AccountingMBA6
B0705Managerial Decision Modelling with SpreadsheetMBA2
B0706Managerial EconomicsMBA306
B0707Managerial Economics : A Problem Solving ApproachMBA1
B0708Managerial Economics : An Integrated ApproachMBA1
B0709Managerial Economics : Application, Strategy and TMBA1
B0710Managerial Economics Concepts and ApplicationsthoMBA1
B0711Managerial Economics in a Global EconomyMBA1
B0712Managerial Economics, Principles and World wide ApMBA2
B0713Managerial Economics;MBA5
B0714Managerial EconomyMBA1
B0715Managing and Marketing of Financial ServicesMBA1
B0716Managing Human ResourcesMBA7
B0717Managing Human Resources, Productivity, Quality ofMBA7
B0718Managing Indian BrandMBA2
B0719Managing Indian Brand, Marketing, Concept & StrateMBA2
B0720Managing Organizational ChangeMBA20
B0721Managing RetailingMBA2
B0722Managing the Lodging OperationMBA2
B0724Mangement Information SystemMBA1
B0725Mangement of TechnologyMBA1
B0726Manorama Year Book - 2012MBA1
B0727Manpower Development for Technological ChangeMBA1
B0728Market Based MangementMBA1
B0730Marketing & Sales MangementMBA1
B0731Marketing & The Bottom LineMBA1
B0732Marketing (Asian Edition)MBA10
B0733Marketing and BrandingMBA1
B0734Marketing ChannelMBA5
B0735Marketing Channel Management:MBA1
B0736Marketing ChannelsMBA1
B0737Marketing ConceptMBA1
B0738Marketing Concepts & CasesMBA5
B0739Marketing Information Production ServiceMBA3
B0740Marketing ManagementMBA193
B0741Marketing Management : A South Asian PerspectiveMBA2
B0742Marketing Management Planning Implementation & ConMBA2
B0743Marketing Management Text & CasesMBA3
B0744Marketing Management, International PerspectiveMBA1
B0745Marketing Management, Text and Cases: Indian ConteMBA1
B0746Marketing Management: Concepts, Cases, Challanges MBA1
B0747Marketing MangementMBA4
B0748Marketing Mangement , Text & CasesMBA1
B0749Marketing of Financial ServiceMBA2
B0750Marketing of ServiceMBA2
B0751Marketing Planning Implementation and ControlMBA2
B0752Marketing Planning StrategyMBA1
B0753Marketing Real People Real ChoiceMBA4
B0754Marketing ResearchMBA14
B0755Marketing Research : A South Asian PerspectiveMBA1
B0756Marketing Research Concepts Practices CasesMBA1
B0757Marketing Research Text and CasesMBA1
B0758Marketing Research with SPSS 13.0 Student Version MBA1
B0759Marketing ReseartchMBA1
B0760Marketing Strategy and Competative PostioningMBA1
B0761Mastering Microsoft Window Server- 2003 Upgrade EdMBA1
B0762Mastering the Art of Business CommunicationMBA1
B0763Mathematics and Statistics for ManagementMBA2
B0764Mathematics for Economics & BusinessMBA1
B0765Mathematics for ManagementMBA40
B0766MBA Semester Scanner (1st Semester)MBA1
B0767Meetings, Expositions Events and ConventionsMBA1
B0768Mercantile and Commercial LawMBA2
B0769Mercantile LawMBA14
B0770Merchandising Mathematics for RetailingMBA3
B0771Merchant Banking and Financial ServicesMBA1
B0772Merger Acquisition and Business ValuationMBA1
B0773Merger Acquisition and Corporate RestructuringMBA2
B0774Merger Acquisition and Corporate Restructuring , SMBA1
B0775Merger Acquisitions and TakeoverMBA20
B0776Merger Restructuring and Corporate ControlMBA1
B0777Methodology of Research in Social ScienceMBA2
B0778Microeconomics : Principles and PolicyMBA2
B0779Microeconomics : Theory and ApplicationMBA1
B0780Microfinance: Redefying the FutureMBA1
B0781Microsoft Office Project 2007MBA2
B0782Microsoft Project 2007 for DummiesMBA1
B0783Microsoft Windows Server 2008 in Simple StepMBA1
B0784Modelling the Supply ChainMBA1
B0785Modern Approach to Verbal & Non verbal ReasoningaMBA1
B0786Modern Banking in IndiaMBA1
B0787Modern Banking ManagementMBA1
B0788Modern Competative StrategyMBA1
B0789Modern Data Base Management SystemMBA1
B0790Modern Human Relation at WorkMBA2
B0791Modern InvestmentMBA5
B0792Modern Method for Quality Control and ImprovementMBA1
B0793Modern Microeconomics: Theory and ApplicationMBA1
B0794Modern Portfolio Theory and Investment AnalysisMBA1
B0795Modern Production Operation ManagementMBA9
B0796Modern System AnalysisMBA1
B0797Money and Financial SystemMBA1
B0798Multimedia in ActionMBA1
B0799Multinational Financial ManagementMBA5
B0800Mutual Fund Products and ServicesMBA1
B0801Negotiations FranchisingMBA1
B0802New Product & PlanningMBA3
B0803New Venture Creation Entreprenureship for the 21stMBA1
B0804Objective Question & Answer for Management StudiesMBA1
B0805Online MarketingMBA1
B0806Operation ManagementMBA3
B0807Operation Management and Productvity TechnologyMBA1
B0808Operation Management Process and Value ChainsMBA2
B0809Operation Mangement Competative advantagesMBA35
B0810Operation Research : Application and AlgorithmMBA1
B0811Operation Research. Principle and PracticesMBA11
B0812Operational ResearchMBA102
B0813Operational Research, Principles and PracticesMBA6
B0814Operations ManagementMBA2
B0815Operations Management : Strategy of AnalaysisMBA1
B0816Operations Management : Theory and PracticesMBA2
B0817Operations Management Along the Suuply ChainMBA1
B0818Operations Management and ControlMBA1
B0819Operations Management Concept, Techniques and ApplMBA1
B0820Operations Management for Competitavie AdnvantageMBA26
B0821Operations Management for MBAMBA1
B0822Operations Management Process & Valve ChainsMBA2
B0823Operations ManagementsMBA1
B0824operations MangementMBA1
B0825Operations Mangement : Process & Value ChainsMBA2
B0826Operations Mangement: Schaum' OutlineMBA1
B0827Operations ResearchMBA3
B0828Operations Research : Theory and ApplicationMBA62
B0829Operations StrategyMBA1
B0830Options, Future and Other DerivativesMBA26
B0831Organisatioanl BehaviourMBA6
B0832Organisation & ManagementMBA1
B0833Organisation & Management FundamentalsMBA36
B0834Organisation and ManagementMBA1
B0835Organisation BehaviourMBA2
B0836Organisation Change and DevelopmentMBA11
B0837Organisation Development and Human Resource DeveloMBA1
B0838Organisation Structure & DesignMBA1
B0839Organisation Structure and ManagementMBA3
B0840Organisation Structure Design in Indian PerspectivMBA1
B0841Organisation System Design, Structure and MangemenMBA2
B0842Organisation TheoryMBA3
B0843Organisation Theory Change and DesignMBA1
B0844Organisation Theory Design and ChangeMBA2
B0845Organisation Theory Structure Design and ApplicatiMBA1
B0846Organisation, Structure, Process and OutcomesMBA1
B0847Organisationa Theory & BehaviourMBA2
B0848Organisational Behaviouir : Managing People and OrMBA1
B0849Organisational BehaviourMBA79
B0850Organisational Behaviour : A Modern ApproachMBA1
B0851Organisational Behaviour : A New Look, Theory and MBA1
B0852Organisational Behaviour, Concepts, Skills and PraMBA1
B0853Organisational Behaviour, Conceptsrelitics applicaMBA1
B0854Organisational Behaviour: Foundation Relations & CMBA1
B0855Organisational Behaviour; EssentialMBA3
B0856Organisational Structure and ManagementMBA2
B0857Organizational Behaviour in Action: Cases & ExerciMBA1
B0858Organizational Behaviour: Human Behaviour at WorkMBA1
B0859Organizational ChangeMBA1
B0860Organizational Development and Transformation, ManMBA1
B0861Orissa Civil Services( Pension Rules) 1992, O.C.S.MBA1
B0862Orissa Service CodeMBA1
B0863Orissa Value Added Tax Act-2004 and VAT Rule 2005MBA1
B0864Oxford Advance Learner's DictionaryMBA5
B0865Performance Appraisal and Compensation Mangement ,MBA1
B0866Performance Appraisal and Maangement, ConceptsMBA1
B0867Performance ManagementMBA17
B0868Performance Management & Appraisal SystemMBA1
B0869Performance Management SystemMBA3
B0870Performance Management, Concepts Skills, ExercisesMBA2
B0871Performance MangementMBA68
B0872Performance Mangement, Strategies, Interventions DMBA8
B0873Personal and Human Resource MaangementMBA3
B0874Personal EffectivenessMBA1
B0875Personal FinanceMBA2
B0876Personal Growth and Training and DevelopmentMBA1
B0877Personal Management & Human ResourcesMBA2
B0878Personal Management : Text & CasesMBA19
B0879Personal Management and Industrial RelationMBA1
B0880Personality : Classic Theories and Modern ResearchMBA1
B0881Personality Development and Carrier ManagementMBA1
B0882Pharmacautical Marketing in IndiaMBA1
B0883Portfolio Construction, Management and ProjectionMBA1
B0884Practical Accounting Vol-IIMBA4
B0885Practical Approach to General Insurance Under WritMBA1
B0886Practical Problem in Financial ManagementMBA1
B0887Practical Problems in Management AccountingMBA1
B0888Practical Project ManagementMBA2
B0889Practices and Law of BankingMBA2
B0890Presentation SkillsMBA1
B0891Principels of Organizational BehaviourMBA1
B0892Principles and Practice of ManagementMBA1
B0893Principles of BankingMBA4
B0894Principles of Busines Law and MangementMBA1
B0895Principles of Business Organisation and ManagementMBA1
B0896Principles of Corporate FinanceMBA1
B0897Principles of EntrprenureshipMBA1
B0898Principles of Financial ManagementMBA9
B0899Principles of Macro EconomicsMBA2
B0900Principles of ManagementMBA2
B0901Principles of Managerial FinanceMBA3
B0902Principles of MangementMBA7
B0903Principles of Mangement Concepts and CasesMBA1
B0904Principles of MarketingMBA72
B0905Principles of Micro EconomicsMBA2
B0906Principles of Risk Management and InsuranceMBA6
B0907Principles of Supply Chain MangementMBA1
B0908Process ManagementMBA1
B0909Procurement PrinciplesMBA2
B0910Product and Brand ManagementMBA1
B0911Product and Brand Management , Text and CasesMBA30
B0912Product and Operation Mangement . Cocepts, Models MBA1
B0913Product ManagementMBA36
B0914Product Management and New Product DevelopmentMBA1
B0915Product Management in IndiaMBA3
B0916Product Strategy and ManagementMBA1
B0917Production & Operation ManagementMBA46
B0918Production & Operation Management: Text & CasesMBA1
B0919Production and Operation ManagementMBA18
B0920Production and Operation Management Text & CasesMBA2
B0921Production and Operation Mangement , Concepts, ModMBA4
B0922Production Operation ManagementMBA149
B0923Production Operation Management : Text and CasesMBA1
B0924Professional Approach to Direct Taxes Law and PracMBA1
B0925Professional CommunicationMBA1
B0926Professional Ethics and Human ValuesMBA1
B0927Programming in ANSI CMBA2
B0928Programming with C Schaum,s OutlineMBA2
B0930Project 2007 in Simple StepsMBA1
B0931Project ApprisalMBA1
B0932Project ManagementMBA5
B0933Project Management in ITMBA1
B0934Project Management Step by StepMBA1
B0935Project MangementMBA3
B0936Project Mangement for Business and TechnologyMBA2
B0937Project Mangement, Achiving Competative AdvantagesMBA1
B0938Project Mangement, Project Appraisers, Project MaaMBA63
B0939Public FinanceMBA1
B0940Public SpeakingMBA2
B0941Purchasing ;An Integrated Supply Chain ManagementmMBA1
B0942Purchasing: Supply Chain ManagementMBA1
B0943Quaantitative Methods : Theory and ApplicationMBA1
B0944Quality Control and ManagementMBA1
B0945Quality Management :MBA1
B0946Qualtiy MaangementMBA2
B0947Quantative TechniquesMBA1
B0948Quantitative Analysis for ManagementMBA103
B0949Quantitative MethodsMBA1
B0950Quantitative Methods for BusinessMBA2
B0951Quantitative Methods for Managements and EconomicsMBA1
B0952Quantitative Methods for MangementMBA31
B0953Quantitative Techniquea for Business ManagementMBA1
B0954Quantitative TechniquesMBA3
B0955Quantitative Techniques and Decision MakingMBA10
B0956Quantitative Techniques for BusinessMBA1
B0957Quantitative Techniques for Management Computer baMBA2
B0958Quantitative Techniques for Managerial DecisionMBA1
B0959Quantitative Techniques for Managerial Decision voMBA2
B0960Quantitative Techniques for Managerial DecisionsMBA2
B0961Quantitative Techniques in ManagementMBA53
B0962Quntitative TechniquesMBA1
B0963Reading in Human Resource DevelopmentMBA43
B0964Ready, Set, Go : A Student Guide to SPSS 13.0 and MBA2
B0965Recruitment MangementMBA1
B0966Relatioship Marketing : Text and CasesMBA1
B0967Research Methodlogy with Live Case Studies, Excel MBA1
B0968Research MethodologyMBA16
B0969Research Methodology : Method & TechniquesMBA74
B0970Research Methodology : Text and Cases with SPSS apMBA5
B0971Research Methodology Concept and CasesMBA10
B0972Research Methodology in ManagementMBA1
B0973Research Methodology with SPSSMBA10
B0974Research Methodology(Concepts Methods and SPSS) (TMBA50
B0975Research MethodsMBA3
B0976Research Methods for BusinessMBA1
B0977Research Methods for Business StudentsMBA1
B0978Retail BuyingMBA1
B0979Retail FranchisingMBA1
B0980Retail ManagementMBA22
B0981Retail Management : A Strategic ApproachMBA5
B0982Retail Management, Fuctional Principles and PractiMBA1
B0983Retail Mangement Text & CasesMBA4
B0984Retail MarketingMBA4
B0985Retail Marketing ManagementMBA3
B0986Retail Strategic : Understanding Why We ShopMBA1
B0988Retailing Management : Text & CasesMBA26
B0989Revolution 2020 : Love Corruption AmbitionMBA1
B0990Rich Dad, Poor DadMBA1
B0991Rising ElephantMBA1
B0992Risk Management and DerivativeMBA2
B0993Risk Management and InsuranceMBA1
B0994Risk Management in BankMBA1
B0995Risk Mangement and InsuranceMBA2
B0996Risk Mangement and Insurance Concepts and PracticeMBA1
B0997Rural MarketingMBA33
B0998Rural Marketing : Concepts and PracticeMBA1
B0999Rural Marketing, Environment Problems and StrategiMBA1
B1000Sales & Distribution ManagementMBA22
B1001Sales & Distribution Management Text & CasesMBA40
B1002Sales and Distribution ManagementMBA44
B1003Sales and Distribution Management, Text and CaseMBA1
B1004Sales Maangement Decission Strategies and CasesMBA1
B1005Sales ManagementMBA4
B1006Sales Management, Decission Strategy & CasesMBA8
B1007Sales Promotion and AdvertisementMBA1
B1008Salesman & PublicityMBA5
B1009Salesmanship and MangementMBA1
B1010Salesmanship and PublicityMBA2
B1011Security Analysis and Portfolio ManagementMBA114
B1012Security Markets and ProductsMBA1
B1013Service ManagementMBA1
B1014Service Management : Operation Strategy, InformatiMBA1
B1015Service Management and MarketingMBA1
B1016Service MarketingMBA94
B1017Service Marketing , People, Technology , StrategyMBA8
B1018Service Marketing : Concepts Practices and Cases fMBA1
B1019Service Marketing : Text and CasesMBA2
B1020Service Marketing ; Operation Management and StratMBA4
B1021Service Marketing Concept Planning & ImplementatioMBA2
B1022Service Marketing Integrating Customer Focus AcrosMBA3
B1023Service Marketing the Indian contextMBA2
B1024Service Marketing: Concept and PracticeMBA1
B1025Service Operation Management: Improving Service DeMBA1
B1026Ship or SheepMBA1
B1027Simple FlyMBA1
B1028Skill Development for Business Management StudentsMBA1
B1029Small Scale Industries and Entreprenureship,In theMBA89
B1030Software Engineering for StudentsMBA1
B1031Software Engineering Project ManagementMBA1
B1032Speaking and Writing for Effective Business CommunMBA4
B1033SPSS for Windows Step by StepMBA1
B1034SPSS for Windows, Step by Step: A Simple Guide andMBA2
B1035Statistical MethodsMBA2
B1036Statistical Techniques in BusinessMBA1
B1037Statistical Tools for Managers using ms excelMBA1
B1038Statistics for Business and EconomicsMBA4
B1039Statistics for MangementMBA62
B1040Statistics for Mangement and EconomicsMBA3
B1041Statistics for MangmentMBA2
B1042Statistics Random Process and Queuing TheoryMBA1
B1043Statistics, Concepts and ApplicationsMBA1
B1044Stay Hungry Stay FoolishMBA51
B1045Step by Step Microsoft Office ProjectMBA1
B1046Stores ManagementMBA1
B1047Strategic Brand ManagementMBA4
B1048Strategic Corporate FinanceMBA2
B1049Strategic EntreprenureshipMBA1
B1050Strategic Financial ManagementMBA44
B1051Strategic Financial Risk ManagementMBA1
B1052Strategic Human Resource DevelopmentMBA11
B1053Strategic Human Resource Maangement : Text and CasMBA1
B1054Strategic Human ResourcesMBA1
B1055Strategic Human Resources ManagementMBA2
B1056Strategic Human Resources Management : Build ReseaMBA1
B1057Strategic Human Resources Management and DevelopmeMBA1
B1058Strategic Human Resources PlanningMBA2
B1059Strategic Maangement & Business PolicyMBA1
B1060Strategic Maangement : The Indian ContextMBA1
B1061Strategic ManagementMBA70
B1062Strategic Management & Business PolicyMBA1
B1063Strategic Management : Building and Sustaining ComMBA3
B1064Strategic Management AccountingMBA2
B1065Strategic Management and EntreprenureshipMBA61
B1066Strategic Management Concept and CasesMBA1
B1067Strategic Management Text & CasesMBA2
B1068Strategic Management, Theory and ApplicationMBA2
B1069Strategic Managtement Concepts & CasesMBA3
B1070Strategic Mangement : Creating Value in a TurbulenMBA1
B1071Strategic Mangement and Entreprenureship: Text andMBA1
B1072Strategic Marketing Chanel ManagementMBA1
B1073Strategic Marketing Creating Competative AdvantageMBA1
B1074Strategic Marketing ManagementMBA2
B1075Strategic Performance ManagementMBA1
B1076Strategic StaffingMBA2
B1077Student Guide to Accounting StandardsMBA2
B1078Student Guide to Income Tax including Service Tax MBA1
B1079Student Guide to Income Tax Including Service Tax/MBA1
B1080Successful Project MangementMBA1
B1081Successful Promotions Built successful BrandsMBA1
B1082Summer Intership Simplified, Indian Text EditionMBA2
B1083Super FreakonomicsMBA1
B1084Suppliment of Business and Company LawsMBA1
B1085Supply Chain Logistic ManagementMBA1
B1086Supply Chain Management (photo copy)MBA1
B1087Supply Chain Management : Text and CasesMBA2
B1088Supply Chain Management in the twenty first CenturMBA1
B1089Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning & OperMBA4
B1090Swamy's Handbook 2010 for Central Government StaffMBA1
B1091System Analysis and DesignMBA2
B1092System Analysis DesignMBA1
B1093Takeove and Restructuring Corporate GovernceMBA3
B1094Tally 7.2 SimplifiedMBA1
B1095Tally 9MBA1
B1096Tally 9 : comdex Course KItMBA1
B1097Tax ManagementMBA1
B1098Taxman's Direct Taxes Law and PracticeMBA1
B1099Taxman's Direct Taxes Planning and ManagementMBA1
B1100Taxman's Financial Management using Excel SpreadshMBA1
B1101Taxman's Management Information Control SystemMBA1
B1102Teach Yourself to ThinkMBA1
B1103Teaching PoetryMBA1
B1104Technical CommunicationMBA2
B1105Technical Communication and A Practical ApproachMBA1
B1106Technical Communication Principels & PracticeMBA2
B1107Technical WritingMBA1
B1108Technical Writing, Process and ControlMBA1
B1109Text Book of I nternational HRMMBA4
B1110Text Book of Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementMBA3
B1111Text Book of Marketing of ServicesMBA4
B1112Text Book of Strategic ManagementMBA2
B1113The 100 Minute Marketing ManagerMBA1
B1114The 3 Mistakes of My LifeMBA1
B1115The 7 Habits of Highly Effected PeopleMBA1
B1116The Appraisal DiscussionMBA1
B1117The Augmentative IndianMBA1
B1118The CRM HandbookMBA1
B1119The Difficulties of Being Good on the Subtle art oMBA1
B1120The Dynamic Entreprenurial Development and ManagemMBA1
B1121The Economics of MicrofinanceMBA1
B1122The Fortune at the Bottom of thw PyramidMBA1
B1123The Hand Book of Competency Mapping, UnderstrandinMBA1
B1124The Indian Financial System : Market, InstitutionsMBA2
B1125The Kite RunnerMBA1
B1126The Krishna KeyMBA1
B1127The Maruti StoryMBA1
B1128The New Age of InnovationMBA1
B1129The New Era of MangementMBA1
B1130The New Managerial EconomicsMBA2
B1131The Oldman and His GoldMBA1
B1132The Orissa Service CodeMBA1
B1133The Oxford Guide to writing & SpeakingMBA21
B1134The ProfessionalsMBA1
B1135The Rozabal LineMBA1
B1136The Rural Marketing BookMBA2
B1137The Scientific IndiaMBA2
B1138The Ten Commandments for Business FailureMBA1
B1139The Winners ManualMBA5
B1140Theory & Problems of Financial Management : TMH OuMBA15
B1141Theory & Problems of Production and Operation ManaMBA1
B1142Theory and Practice of Treasury and Risk ManagemenMBA1
B1143Theory of Organisation Development and ChangeMBA2
B1144Thousand Splendid SunMBA1
B1145Total Project Management The Indian ContextMBA1
B1146Total QualityMBA1
B1147Total Quality ManagementMBA6
B1148Total Quality Management : Text and CasesMBA1
B1149Total Qualtiy Maangement: Excellence Organisation MBA3
B1150Trademarks Advertising and Brand ProtectionMBA1
B1151Training and DevelopmentMBA12
B1152Training and Development Text Research & CasesMBA2
B1153Training for DevelopmentMBA20
B1154Training for Development AllMBA6
B1155Training in Interpersonal SkillsMBA1
B1156Training in Organisation Needs Assesment, DevelopmMBA3
B1157Training Instruments in HRD & ODMBA5
B1158Tree or ThreeMBA1
B1159Understanding ComputerMBA1
B1160Understanding Organisational BehaviourMBA7
B1161Understanding Wages SystemMBA22
B1162University GrammerMBA1
B1163Valuation : Analysing Global Investment OpportunitMBA1
B1164Who moved my CheeseMBA1
B1165Who will Cry when you DieMBA1
B1166Window Server 2008MBA1
B1167Windows Server 2008MBA1
B1168Windows Server 2008 Sam's Teach Yourself in 24 dayMBA1
B1169Winning Interview for Top JobsMBA1
B1170Wise and OtherwiseMBA1
B1171Working Capital : Management, Strategies & TechniqMBA2
B1172Working Capital ManagementMBA3
B1173Working Capital Management. Strategies and TechniqMBA2
B1174Working Capital Management: Text and CasesMBA3
B1175Working with TextsMBA1
B1176Worl Trade & PaymentsMBA1
B1177World Cass ManufacturingMBA1
B1178World of FactsMBA6
B1179You Can Sell : Results are rewarded Efforts are noMBA1
B1180You can winMBA2
C0001101 Windows Tips & TricksMCA2
C00022001 Quiz BookMCA1
C0003201 question to ask in your InterviewMCA1
C0004A Book on C ProgrammingMCA3
C0005A Communicative Grammer of EnglishMCA30
C0006A Comprehensive EnglishMCA2
C0007A first Course in ComputerMCA7
C0008A Millenium Guide to Writing and Speaking EnglishMCA50
C0009A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal ReasoningMCA2
C0010A New Approach to AccountingMCA5
C0011A Practical English Grammer ExerciseMCA3
C0012A S P UnleashedMCA2
C0013A Structure Approach using C++ Computer ScienceMCA3
C0014A Study in Business EthicsMCA63
C0015A Text Book of Automata TheoryMCA66
C0016A Text Book of Cos AccountsMCA122
C0017A University Grammer of EnglishMCA1
C0018A User Guide The UNIX SystemMCA1
C0019Access Methods VSAMMCA1
C0021Accounting for ManagementMCA3
C0022Advance Concepts in Operating SystemsMCA4
C0023Advance Graphic Programming in C++MCA1
C0024Advance Mgmt. Acctg.MCA1
C0025Advance Mgmt. Acctg.MCA6
C0026Advance Perl ProgrammingMCA1
C0027Advance UNIXMCA3
C0028Advance WindowsMCA1
C0029Advanced C ++ ProgrammingMCA1
C0030Advanced Computer ArchitectureMCA4
C0031Advanced Finc. Acctg.MCA1
C0032Advanced Learner's English DictionaryMCA1
C0033Advanced MC VBMCA1
C0034Advanve UNIX Prog.MCA13
C0035AIX 6000 Internal ArchitectureMCA1
C0036Algorithm : The Sprit of ComputingMCA1
C0037Algorithm Design: Foundation Analysis and InternalMCA1
C0038An Ethical Guide to Computer SecurityMCA1
C0039An Int. to Digital Computer DesignMCA1
C0040An Integrated Approach to Software EngineeringMCA9
C0041An Introduction to AlgorithmsMCA112
C0042An Introduction to Data Base SystemMCA7
C0043An Introduction to Database SystemsMCA14
C0044An Introduction to DatastructureMCA7
C0045An Introduction to Digital Computer DesignMCA10
C0046An Introduction to Formal Language and AutomataMCA1
C0047An Introduction to Java Programming and Object OriMCA1
C0048An Introduction to Professional English and Soft SMCA62
C0049An Introduction to Theory of Computer ScienceMCA1
C0050An Unofficial Guide to Ethical HackingMCA1
C0051Analysis Design of Information SystemMCA66
C0052Applied Discrete Structures for Computer ScienceMCA30
C0053Applied Numerical AnalysisMCA5
C0054Applied Simulation ModellingMCA1
C0055Applying UML PatternMCA65
C0056Artificiaal IntelligenceMCA84
C0057Artificial Intelligence : A New SynthesisMCA1
C0058Asian's CAT Entrance GuideMCA1
C0059Beginer ASP 3.0MCA2
C0060Beginning LINUX ProgramingMCA2
C0061Beyond the last Blue Mountain a life of JRD TataMCA1
C0062Bio- technology Demisfying the ConceptMCA1
C0063Building FirewalMCA1
C0064Building JAVA Enterprise stmMCA1
C0065Building Win NT Web ServerMCA1
C0066Business Data CommunicationMCA1
C0067C ++ PrimerMCA6
C0068C ++ Primer PlusMCA2
C0069C ++ Programming LanguageMCA4
C0070C ++ UnleashedMCA1
C0071C in DepthMCA3
C0072C ProgrammingMCA1
C0073C Programming FAQMCA1
C0074C ProjectMCA1
C0075C++ by Example O. O AnalysisMCA1
C0077C++ How to ProgrammingMCA3
C0078C++ Primerplus Teach YourselfMCA1
C0079C++ ProjectMCA2
C0080C++ SolutionsMCA1
C0081CGI Programming in C,PerlMCA1
C0082CGI Programming on World wide WebMCA1
C0083Chams Teach Yourself C++ 6 in 21 DaysMCA1
C0084Chicago Manual of StyleMCA2
C0086Cics for the Cobal Prog Vol - 1MCA2
C0087Cics Hand BookMCA1
C0088Classics Data StructureMCA1
C0089Client Server ApplicationMCA1
C0090Cobol Language BusinessMCA6
C0091Cobol ProgrammingMCA16
C0092Collons Cobuilt Adv. Learnerd DictionaryMCA1
C0093Comdex HardwareMCA1
C0094Communication SkillsMCA2
C0095Communicative English and Business CommunicationMCA90
C0096Communicative English for the 21st CenturyMCA1
C0097Comp. system Org. & ArchtectMCA1
C0099Company Acct. Part-B Cost Mgmt. Acct.MCA1
C0100compiler Construction & DesignMCA1
C0101Compiler Construction Principlees & PracticeMCA2
C0102Compiler DesignMCA3
C0103Compilers : Principles, Techniques, & ToolsMCA96
C0104Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and ToolsMCA2
C0105Compl. Ref. JAVA 2MCA1
C0106Complete Guide to LinuxMCA1
C0107Complete Guide to MS OfficeMCA4
C0108Complete Guide to Window Nt 4 Wark StationMCA1
C0109Complete Linux KitMCA1
C0110Comprehensive Computer Science Question BankMCA4
C0111Compter CommonsenseMCA2
C0112Computer & CommonseseMCA1
C0113Computer AlgorithmMCA4
C0114Computer Architecture and OrganisationMCA4
C0115Computer Carrier Placement Placement PreparationMCA1
C0116Computer FundamentalMCA6
C0117computer Fundamental & ArchtectMCA2
C0118Computer GraphicsMCA94
C0119Computer Graphics & MultimediaMCA1
C0120Computer Graphics : Principles and PracticeMCA2
C0121Computer Graphics : Principles and Practice i9n CMCA1
C0122Computer Graphics Using Open GLMCA2
C0123Computer Hardware & Network ManagementMCA1
C0124Computer Net WorkingMCA1
C0125Computer NetworkMCA12
C0126Computer Network Protocol Standard InterfaceMCA4
C0127Computer Network with Internet Protocol & TechnoloMCA1
C0128Computer Networks : A Systems ApproachMCA26
C0129Computer Org. DesignMCA5
C0130Computer OrganisationMCA18
C0131Computer Organisation and ArchitectureMCA18
C0132Computer Organisation and Architecture Designing fMCA11
C0133Computer Organisation and DesignMCA11
C0134Computer Prog. in FortonMCA16
C0135Computer Programming in CMCA4
C0136Computer Science question Bank: Computer ObjectiveMCA1
C0137computer science Question Bible.MCA1
C0138Computer Science;MCA2
C0139Computer SecurityMCA2
C0140Computer System ArchitectureMCA97
C0141Computer System Design Arch.MCA3
C0142Concept and Application UNIX includes System ProgrMCA9
C0143Concept in ERPMCA2
C0144Contemporary Engg.EconomicsMCA1
C0145Core Java 1.1. Vol.1 FundamentalsMCA2
C0146Core JAVA 2 Voll-IIMCA1
C0147Core Java Server FacesMCA1
C0148CORE JAVA Vo-II ,Adv. FeaturesMCA1
C0149Cost Accounitng : A Management EmphasisMCA23
C0150Cost Accounting & FinanceMCA1
C0151Cost Accounting : A Management EmphasisMCA10
C0152Cost Accounting : Principles and PracticesMCA5
C0153Cost Accounting Principles and PracticeMCA14
C0154Cracking the 17 Campus InterviewMCA1
C0155Cracking the GMATMCA1
C0156Cracking the GreatcatMCA1
C0157Cracking The System Software InterviewMCA1
C0158Cryptography & Network SecurityMCA1
C0159Cryptography and Network Security : Principles andMCA7
C0160Data and Computer CommunicationMCA52
C0161Data Base System ConceptMCA1
C0162Data Communication & Computer NetworkMCA1
C0163Data Communication NetworkingMCA97
C0164Data Management and File StructuresMCA62
C0165Data Mining Concepts and TechniquesMCA1
C0166Data Mining TechnologyMCA2
C0167Data Structure & AlgorithmMCA2
C0168Data Structure A Pseudocode Approch with CMCA2
C0169Data Structure Algorith in CMCA4
C0170Data Structure in CMCA1
C0171Data structure Through C in DepthMCA2
C0172Data Structure Using C 1000 Problems & SoulutionMCA1
C0173DATA Structures & Algorthims in JAVAMCA1
C0174Data Structures and Algorithms: Concept, TechniqueMCA40
C0175Data Wirehousing Microsoft SQL ServerMCA1
C0176Database DesignMCA1
C0177Database Management SystemsMCA6
C0178Database System ConceptsMCA6
C0179Datastructure and Programming DesignMCA3
C0180Datastructure using CMCA54
C0181Datastructure using C and C++MCA65
C0182DB 2 Devloper GuideMCA1
C0183DB 2 the Cobol ProgrammerMCA1
C0184DB Prog. with VB 6MCA1
C0185DB2 Devloper GuideMCA2
C0186DB2 for the Cobol Programming 2MCA1
C0187DB2 Universal DB Call Level Interface Dev.GuideMCA1
C0188Decision Support and Data Wire House SystemMCA4
C0189Decision Support System and Intellegence SystemMCA62
C0190Design Flex. O O System with UMLMCA1
C0191Design Pattern Reisuable O O SoftwareMCA1
C0192Developing Client Server ApplicationMCA2
C0193Developing LINUX Prog.MCA1
C0194Devloping Web ApplicationMCA3
C0195DGP English Improvement CourseMCA1
C0196Digital Electronics MicrocompterMCA2
C0197Digital Image ProcessingMCA2
C0198Digital Image Processing & AnalysisMCA2
C0199Digital Logic and Computer DesignMCA37
C0200Disc. MathmaticsMCA2
C0201Discrete Event System SimulationMCA9
C0202Discrete Mathematical StructuresMCA73
C0203Discrete Mathematical Structures with ApplicationsMCA20
C0204Discrete MathematicsMCA50
C0205Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists and MMCA46
C0206Distributed Computing Principles and ApplicationMCA1
C0207Distributed Data Base SystemMCA1
C0208Distributed Operating System Concept and DesignMCA3
C0209Distributed System Principles and ParadigmsMCA2
C0210Distributed Systems : Concepts and DesignMCA61
C0211District Mathmatical StructureMCA1
C0212Dos 6 & 6.2MCA1
C0213Dynamic Ind. RelationMCA31
C0214E - Commerce FrameworkMCA1
C0215E CommerceMCA2
C0216E- Commerce FundamentalsMCA2
C0218E-Commerce , E- BusinessMCA1
C0219E-Commerce FundamentalsMCA1
C0220E-Commerce, Strategy , Technology and ImplementatiMCA85
C0221Effective C++MCA2
C0222electronics Device & Circuit TheoryMCA1
C0223Elementary Numerical AnalysisMCA1
C0224Elements of Discrete MathematicsMCA100
C0225Embedded SystemMCA2
C0226Eng. EconomicsMCA1
C0227Engineering Economics & CostingMCA1
C0228English for Engg. StudentMCA1
C0229ERP DemifiedMCA1
C0230Essentials of Hueman Resources Mgmt.MCA10
C0231Essentials of ManagmentMCA3
C0232Essentials of Mgmt. & Industrial RelationMCA10
C0233Excel 5 for Windows Instant ReferencesMCA5
C0234Excell for Lin 95 Power Programme with VBAMCA1
C0235Expert Systems : principles and ProgrammingMCA2
C0236Exploring CMCA7
C0237Exploring the UNIX SystemMCA1
C0238FAQ' in OrcleMCA1
C0239File OrganisationMCA2
C0240File Structures : An Object - Oriented Approach wiMCA1
C0241Financial AccountingMCA97
C0242Financial Acctg. for Business ManagerMCA30
C0243Fortan 77 & Numerical MethodMCA1
C0244Fox Pro. 2.5 made simple for DOSMCA1
C0245Foxz Pro 2.5 TM / 26TMMCA1
C0246Fundamenatal of Data structureMCA15
C0247Fundamental of Computer Graphics & MultimediaMCA1
C0248Fundamental of Lotus NotesMCA1
C0249Fundamental of Mathmatics StatisticMCA38
C0250Fundamental of MultimediaMCA2
C0251Fundamentals of AlgorithmMCA3
C0252Fundamentals of Computer AlgorithmMCA93
C0253Fundamentals of Database SystemsMCA30
C0254Fundamentals of Digital Image ProssingMCA2
C0255Fundamentals of Microprocessor and MicrocomputerMCA73
C0256GATE - 2009MCA1
C0257GATE Computer ScienceMCA1
C0258General KnowledgeMCA6
C0259Get Comfortable with GrammerMCA1
C0260Getting Started with MATLABMCA1
C0261Globalization 7 Labour Mgmt.MCA3
C0262Graph TheoryMCA1
C0263Graphic Java 1.1MCA3
C0264Graphic ProgrammeMCA1
C0265Group DiiscussionMCA3
C0266Guide to DB2MCA1
C0267Guide to Java ProgrammingMCA1
C0268Guide to MS DOSMCA1
C0269Hands on HTMLMCA1
C0270Hands on VC ++MCA1
C0271Head First JAVAMCA1
C0272Heavy Metal VC ++ ProgrammingMCA2
C0273High School English Grammer and CompositionMCA1
C0274How to prepare for Group DiscussionMCA1
C0275how to Prepare for QTApt for CATMCA1
C0276How to Solve it by ComputerMCA5
C0277HTML / DHTML , Java SriptMCA35
C0278HTML CompleteMCA1
C0279Html the complete referencesMCA1
C0280HTML the Definite GuideMCA1
C0281Human Resourse ManagementMCA46
C0282Human Resourses ManagementMCA11
C0283I P Routial PrimerMCA1
C0284IBM Webspehere TM StraterMCA1
C0285Ignited Mind Unleashing the Power with in IndiaMCA2
C0286Illustrated Turbi PrologueMCA1
C0287Implementing Tally 7.2MCA1
C0288India 2020 Avision for the New MillenaumMCA1
C0289Indian Software IndustriesMCA1
C0290Industrial RelationMCA3
C0291Information SecurityMCA3
C0292Information System for Mordern ManagementMCA3
C0293Inside V C ++MCA1
C0294Inside Window NT4MCA1
C0295Instant UMLMCA1
C0296Instnt JAVA ServletMCA1
C0297Interactive IntenetMCA2
C0298Intermediate English GrammerMCA1
C0299Internate in Nut ShellMCA1
C0300Internet Working with TCP/IPMCA93
C0301Interview Questions in C Prog.MCA1
C0302Introduction to AccountingMCA12
C0303Introduction to Analysis and DesignMCA2
C0304Introduction to Artificial Intellegence and ExportMCA1
C0305Introduction to Automata Theory of Language and CoMCA12
C0306Introduction to Bio-InformaticsMCA1
C0307Introduction to Formal LanguageMCA1
C0308Introduction to Forton 90/95MCA1
C0309Introduction to Java Programming : A ComprehensiveMCA92
C0310Introduction to Language TheoryMCA2
C0311Introduction to Mgmt.AccountingMCA1
C0312Introduction to Multimedia CommnicationMCA1
C0313Introduction to Parallal ComputingMCA57
C0314Introduction to Parallel Computing : A Practical GMCA1
C0315Invitation to EnglishMCA30
C0316JAVA 1.1 Developer H BMCA1
C0317Java 1.1 Interactive CourseMCA1
C0318Java 1.2 : How toMCA1
C0319JAVA 1.2 Class LibrariesMCA1
C0320Java 1.2 UnleashedMCA3
C0321Java 6 Programming ( Black Book)MCA1
C0322Java Bean ProgrammingMCA1
C0323Java Bin MasteringMCA1
C0324JAVA Network ProgrammeMCA1
C0325Java ProgrammingMCA1
C0326Java Programming Advanced TopicsMCA2
C0327JAVA Script 1.3 in 24 Hrs.MCA1
C0328JAVA Script Bible.MCA1
C0329JAVA Script EssentialMCA1
C0330JAVA Servelet ProgrammingMCA1
C0331JAVA Server Prog. Java EE6MCA1
C0332JAVA ServletMCA1
C0333JAVA Sript 3rd EditionMCA1
C0334JAVA Srript Interactive CourseMCA1
C0335JAVA ThreadsMCA1
C0336Java TM RMI Remote Method InvocationMCA1
C0337JAVA TutorialMCA2
C0338JVA Servlet ProgrammeMCA1
C0339Kit of Group DiscussionMCA1
C0340Laura Lemay,s JAVA 1.1MCA1
C0341Learning Perl on win 32 SystemsMCA1
C0342Learning Win 95 in a dayMCA4
C0343Learning XML , XHTMLMCA3
C0344LINUX Comand Instant ReferenceMCA1
C0345Linux in NutshellMCA1
C0346Lnguage Java ScriptMCA1
C0347Main Frame Year 2000 solutionMCA1
C0348Management FunctionMCA16
C0349Management Information System Managing InformationMCA114
C0350Managing Internet Information ServiceMCA1
C0351Mastering C ++MCA10
C0352Mastering CobbolMCA1
C0353Mastering HTML 4.0MCA1
C0354Mastering in CMCA2
C0355Mastering Java 1.1MCA1
C0356Mastering LINUXMCA1
C0357Mastering Lotus Notes - 4MCA2
C0358Mastering MS Office 2000 ProfMCA2
C0359Mastering MS Visual c++ 4.0MCA1
C0360Mastering Oracle 7 & Client Server ComputingMCA1
C0361Mastering Visual C ++ 4MCA2
C0362Mastering Window 2000 Prof.MCA1
C0363Mastering Word 6 for WindowsMCA2
C0364Mathematical Elements of Computer GraphicsMCA35
C0365MATLAB & its Application in EngineeringMCA1
C0366Maximum LinuxMCA1
C0367MCQ in Computer ScienceMCA1
C0368MCSE Internate ServerMCA1
C0369MCSE The Enterprise study guide exam 7MCA1
C0370MFC InternalsMCA1
C0371Micro controller, Micro computer PrinciplesMCA5
C0372Microprocessor and Microcomputer based System DesiMCA2
C0373Microprocessor Architecture Programming and ApplicMCA103
C0374Microprocessor System 8086/8088MCA1
C0375Microprocessor x 86 ProgrammingMCA1
C0376Microprocessors : Theory and Applications: Intel aMCA63
C0377Microsoft Project Step & StepMCA1
C0378Migration to Oracle 8 iMCA1
C0379Minute Guide to Outlook 98MCA1
C0380Mobile CommunicationMCA2
C0381Modality in EnglishMCA63
C0382Modern Operating SystemMCA15
C0383Monochrome Colour TVMCA1
C0384Mordern AccountancyMCA1
C0385Mordern Compiler DesignMCA1
C0386Mordern Operating SystemMCA1
C0387More Effective CommunicationMCA6
C0389Multimedia & DB SystemMCA1
C0390Multimedia Communications, Applications, Networks,MCA1
C0391Multimedia Computing Communication and ApplicationMCA4
C0392Multimedia TechnologiesMCA1
C0393Multiple Choice Q . A in Computer ScienceMCA4
C0394MVS / VSAM for Application ProgrammingMCA1
C0396MVS T30 ConceptMCA2
C0397Net Work Technology Vol-2 Student GuideMCA6
C0398Network Prog. in CMCA1
C0399Neural Network & Learning MachineMCA2
C0400Neuri-Fuzzy & soft ComputingMCA1
C0401Numerical Method with Programme 'C'MCA1
C0402Numerical MethodsMCA1
C0403Numerical Methods for Engineering, with Software aMCA65
C0404Numerical Methods for Mathematics, Science and EngMCA62
C0405Numerical Methods for Scientific and Engineering CMCA31
C0406Numerical Methods in Science and Engineering : A PMCA60
C0407Numerical Methods with Programmes in Basic, fortonMCA1
C0408O . O . Analysis Design ApplicationMCA1
C0409O' Level Model - IIMCA1
C0410O O Modelling & Design with UMLMCA62
C0411O O Programme with ANSI & Turbo C++MCA1
C0412O.O.Analysis & Designing with Appl.MCA1
C0413O.O.Modullar Design, DBMCA1
C0414O.O.Prog. with C++MCA2
C0415Obj. Orientel Analysis Design with ApplicationMCA1
C0416Object Oriental Modelling & DesigningMCA6
C0417Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UMLMCA1
C0418Object Oriented Data Base SystemMCA1
C0419Object Oriented Prog. FoundationMCA1
C0420Object Oriented Prog. in JavaMCA1
C0421Object Oriented Programming in MS OfficeMCA1
C0422Object Oriented Programming in Turbo C++MCA11
C0423Object Oriented SoftwareMCA1
C0424Objected Oriented Programming with C ++MCA116
C0425Objective General English 10,000 QusMCA1
C0426Office 2007 in Simple StepsMCA6
C0428Open GL ProgrammingMCA2
C0429Operating SystemMCA10
C0430Operating System ConceptMCA132
C0431Operating System with Case Study in UNIXMCA1
C0432Operation ResearchMCA22
C0433Operation Research , Methodology in PracticeMCA1
C0434Operational ResearchMCA65
C0435Operational Research : An IntroductionMCA72
C0436Operational ReserchMCA1
C0437Oracle & DBA Hand BookMCA1
C0438Oracle & the Complete ReferenceMCA11
C0439Oracle & TunningMCA1
C0440Oracle 10G Complete RefrenceMCA25
C0441Oracle 7MCA8
C0442Oracle 8MCA5
C0443Oracle 8 ArchtectureMCA1
C0444Oracle 8 How toMCA1
C0445Oracle 8 PL /SQL ProgrammeMCA2
C0446Oracle 8 SServer UnleashedMCA1
C0447Oracle 8 the Complete ReferenceMCA2
C0448Oracle Concepts serviceMCA1
C0449Oracle Data WirehousingMCA4
C0450Oracle developer 12000 H BMCA1
C0451Oracle Developer 2000 FormsMCA2
C0452Oracle Performance TuningMCA1
C0453Oracle PL / SQLMCA1
C0454Oracle Power Object Developer GuideMCA1
C0455Oracle Power Objects HandbookMCA1
C0456Organisation BehaviourMCA15
C0457Organisation Theory & BehaviourMCA62
C0458Orissa Educational ManualMCA1
C0459OSWAL 10 Mock Test papers for CATMCA1
C0460Oxford Dictionary & ThesarousMCA2
C0461Oxford English GrammerMCA1
C0462Oxford Guide to Writing and Speaking EnglishMCA31
C0463Oxford Language ReferenceMCA2
C0464Oxford Quoations & ProverbsMCA2
C0465Parallel Computers Architectures and ProgrammingMCA2
C0466Parallel Computing : Theories and PracticesMCA2
C0467Parallel Programming : Techniques and Application MCA1
C0468Parallel Programming Technics & Application Using MCA1
C0469Pascal plus Data Structure AlgorithmMCA1
C0470Pearson's GK Manual 2005MCA1
C0471Personal Management : Text & CasesMCA61
C0472Positive Thinking our Inner StrenthMCA1
C0473Practical Data structure in C++MCA1
C0474Practical MIS Indian ExperienceMCA1
C0475Practical OO D with UMLMCA5
C0476Prfessional Java server Prog. J2EE 1.3 EditionMCA70
C0477Principle of ComplierMCA1
C0478Principles & Practice of Cost Acctg.MCA1
C0479Principles of Compiler DesignMCA8
C0480Principles of Data Base System and DesignMCA1
C0481Principles of Database SystemMCA3
C0482Principles of Distributed Database SystemsMCA54
C0483Principles of Interactive Computer GraphicsMCA56
C0484Principles of Mgmt. Acctg.MCA40
C0485Principles of Microsoft VC ++ 5MCA1
C0486Principles of Multimedia & DB SystemMCA1
C0487Principles of Soft ComputingMCA1
C0488Probability & StatisticsMCA68
C0489Probability & Statistics (Photo Copies)MCA60
C0490Probability and Statistics for Engineering and SciMCA87
C0491Probability, Statistcs & Random ProcessMCA1
C0492Probability, Statistcs for EngineersMCA2
C0493Procedural Elements for Computer GraphicsMCA3
C0494Profession WAPMCA1
C0495Professional ASP 3.0MCA1
C0496Professional EJBMCA1
C0497Professional Java ServerMCA2
C0498Professional XMLMCA1
C0499Prog. Fox Pro 2.5MCA1
C0500Prog. with Win 95 With MFCMCA1
C0501Prog.Visual C++MCA2
C0502Program with Pascal CMCA1
C0503Programme with C++MCA1
C0504Programme with C++ , Schaum'S seriesMCA10
C0505Programming in CMCA3
C0506Programming LanguageMCA1
C0507Programming PerlMCA1
C0508Programming Using the C LangMCA1
C0509Programming Windows 95MCA3
C0510Programming Windows MFCMCA1
C0511Programming Windows with MFCMCA1
C0512Programming with ANSI CMCA47
C0513Programming with CMCA3
C0514Programming with C ++MCA4
C0515Programming with C ProgrammingMCA1
C0516Programming With JavaMCA82
C0517Programming with Java : Guided Learning with EarlyMCA1
C0518Programming with JAVA-2MCA1
C0519Project on JAVAMCA1
C0520Project using C++MCA1
C0521Project Using C-ConceptMCA1
C0522Psychological Test & InutatedMCA1
C0523QT for Decission MakingMCA1
C0524Quantitative Technquies : Theory and PracticesMCA1
C0525Question Answer in COBOL ProgrammeMCA1
C0526Quick ArithmetricMCA1
C0527Quizz BookMCA1
C0528Read Hat LinuxMCA1
C0529Real Time SystemMCA1
C0530Red Hat LinuxMCA1
C0531Red Hat Linux CRMCA1
C0532Red Hat LINUX for DummisMCA1
C0533Sam"s TYVC ++ 6 in 24 Hrs.MCA1
C0534Sam.s Teach Yourself Java 1.2 in 24 hrs.MCA1
C0535Sams Teach Yourself Linux in 24 hoursMCA1
C0536Sam's TY DB Prog. with VC++6MCA1
C0537Satelite CommunicationMCA1
C0538Scham,s T Y Cobra in 14 DaysMCA1
C0539Scham`s Outline C GMCA2
C0540Scham's Solution for Discrete MathmaticsMCA1
C0541Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of ProgramMCA10
C0542Security in ComputingMCA89
C0544Simulation modelling & AnalysisMCA4
C0545Software EngineeringMCA158
C0546Software Engineering : A Practitioner's ApproachMCA18
C0547Software Project Mgmt.MCA4
C0548Special edition Using VC++ TM5MCA1
C0549Special Education Using VC++5MCA1
C0550Spoen EnglishMCA4
C0551SQL & PL/SQL for Oracle 10gMCA1
C0552SQL / PLSQL for Oracle 9iMCA4
C0553SQL / PLSQL the Prog. LanguageMCA3
C0554Statistic Scahm,s OutlineMCA33
C0555Step by Step ProjectMCA1
C0556strengthening Your WritingMCA5
C0557Structural Cobol ProgramingMCA1
C0558Structural Computer OrganisationMCA7
C0559Structured Cobal ProgrammingMCA8
C0560Structured Cobol ProgrammeMCA8
C0561Success with InternetMCA1
C0562Sun Education Service Student Guide.275MCA1
C0563System Analysis and Design MethodMCA2
C0564System SimulationMCA71
C0565System Simulation with Digital ComputerMCA70
C0566Taxman's D T Ready RecoknerMCA1
C0567Taxman's Income Tax ActMCA1
C0568TCP / IP Illustrated Vol - 1MCA1
C0569TCP / IP illustrated Vol - 3MCA4
C0570TCP / IP Network AdminstrationMCA1
C0571TCP / IP Protocol SuiteMCA1
C0572TCP/IP Network AdministrationMCA1
C0573Teach for Pro 2.5 for WindowsMCA1
C0574Teach YourselfMCA1
C0575Teach Yourself C ++ 4.0MCA1
C0576Teach Yourself DB2 UDBMCA1
C0577Teach Yourself Lotus Notes 4.5 in 14 DaysMCA1
C0578Teach Yourself NT4 Warkstation in 24 Hrs.MCA1
C0579Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 14 daysMCA1
C0580Teach Yourself Visual Basic in 21 DaysMCA5
C0581Teach Yourself Visual C++ in 45 DaysMCA1
C0582Teach Yourself Visual Fox ProMCA1
C0583Teach Yourslf SQL / PL SQLMCA1
C0584Test your Skills in CMCA2
C0585The 8088 and 8086 Microprocessor Prog.MCA1
C0586The 80x86 Family Design Prog. & InterfaclityMCA1
C0587the A to Z PC Hardware & Maint.MCA1
C0588The Annnoted C++ ReferenceMCA2
C0589The Best QuizzMCA1
C0590The 'C' odyesey UNIXMCA3
C0591The C Programming LanguageMCA15
C0593The Chicago Manual of StyleMCA1
C0594The Chronicle of NarniaMCA1
C0595The Complet Reference JavaMCA6
C0596The Complete Guide to JAVA DB Prog.MCA1
C0597The Complete Ref. JAVAMCA10
C0598The Complete Ref. JAVA SP 2.0MCA1
C0599The Complete Reference CMCA32
C0600The Complete Reference C++MCA12
C0601The Complete Reference Window NT 4MCA1
C0602The Concise Oxford ThesaurusMCA2
C0604The Design Analysis of Computer AlgorithmMCA11
C0605The Design of the UNIX Operating SystemMCA9
C0606The Essential Windows NT 4MCA2
C0607The Great Book of Puzzles & TeasersMCA1
C0609The IdotGuide to Visual BasicMCA1
C0610The Intel Microprocessor 8089/8088MCA1
C0611The Java EE 6 Tutorial Basic Concepts (The Java SeMCA42
C0612The Java HandbookMCA2
C0613The Java Programming LanguageMCA20
C0615The MVS / JCL PrimerMCA1
C0616The Programming Language DesignMCA1
C0617The Visual C ++ HandbookMCA3
C0618The X Win System in Nut shellMCA1
C0619Theory and Problems of Data Structures : Schaum's MCA16
C0620Theory and Problems of Programming with CMCA37
C0621Theory of Comp. Sc. Autometa Language ComputationMCA2
C0622Theory of ComputationMCA63
C0623Theory of Computation Formulla Language & AutomataMCA1
C0624Theory of Computrer ProgrammingMCA1
C0625Theory of Modelling SimulationMCA1
C0626Thiking in C++MCA3
C0627Ultimate Visual DictionaryMCA1
C0628UMF Distilled Apply theMCA1
C0629UML in NUT ShellMCA1
C0630UML Ref. MannualMCA2
C0631UML Tool KitMCA6
C0632UML User GuideMCA30
C0633Understanding Fox Pro Version 2.6MCA1
C0634Understanding Pointers In CMCA12
C0635Understanding SQLMCA2
C0636Understanding UNIXMCA1
C0637UNIX Communication and the InternetMCA2
C0638UNIX Network Prog.MCA6
C0639UNIX NetworkingMCA1
C0640UNIX Networking ProgrammingMCA5
C0641UNIX Prog. EnvironmentMCA1
C0642UNIX Shell ProgrammingMCA5
C0643UNIX System AdminstrationMCA1
C0644Unsing the New DB 2MCA1
C0645Upkar's Interview & G DMCA1
C0646Using Fox Pro TM 6MCA1
C0647Using the New DB 2MCA6
C0648Using Visual Basic 6MCA1
C0649Using Visual C++ 6 (Spl. Edition)MCA1
C0650V.B.4 Nuts & Bolts for expereinced programmerMCA4
C0651Visual Age for JAVAMCA1
C0652Visual Basic 6 How toMCA1
C0653Visual Basic 6 the Complete ReferenceMCA1
C0654Visual Basis 6 Intractive CorseMCA1
C0655Visual C++MCA2
C0656Visual C++ 5.O Deve. GuideMCA1
C0657Visual C++ from the GroupMCA1
C0658Visual C++ in Record timeMCA1
C0659Visual C++ ProgrammingMCA2
C0660Visual C++ ProjectMCA1
C0661VS Cobol P-II A Guide to Programme ManagerMCA1
C0662VSAM for the Cobol ProgrammingMCA1
C0663Web Comm. TechnologyMCA1
C0664Web Engineering & ApplicationMCA1
C0665Web Master Hand BookMCA1
C0666web Services SecurityMCA1
C0667Web Technology in NUT SHELLMCA11
C0668Web Technology Vol - IMCA52
C0669Web Technology Vol - IIMCA38
C0670Win.Prog. Primer PlusMCA1
C0671Windos API BibleMCA3
C0672Window 95 Programming for DommyMCA1
C0673Windows 2000 CompleteMCA1
C0674Windows Custom ControlMCA1
C0675windows NT win 32 API Sapar BibleMCA1
C0676Wings of FireMCA1
C0677wlndows NT in nut ShellMCA1
C0678Word Power Made EasyMCA1
C0679Workable Workgroup Server HanbookMCA1
C0680Working with CMCA12
C0681Working with Win 95MCA1
C0682Writing Visual Basic Contracts using VC++MCA3
C0683Writing WIN Applications from Start to FinishMCA1
C0684XML & JAVA TM DeveloperMCA1
C0685XML, Web Service & OOAPMCA3